About us

VBU was founded in 1988 as an association of environmental professionals. VBU has about 500 members in all industrial sectors. VBU represents the interests of his members regarding their professional, economical, social, political and legal concerns. This representation of interests belongs to the core-competences of VBU. In details:

In this meaning VBU is engaged in politics, and participates in legislation. VBU gives his members protection and support in all legal questions and legal affairs in connection with their professional concerns (for example: environmental law, labour law, criminal law). VBU gives the opportunity for an interchange of views and opinions, of environmental knowledge and experiences concerning to topical tendencies in the specific industrial sectors in special meetings. The idea behind is, to create a kind of network for all members.

VBU-members can claim these services for an annual contribution of 180 €. This is a lump sum, so that no further charge will be required for the use of these services.


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